Real Estate Administrative Support

Life is too short to be doing something you don’t love… so why are you still doing your own paperwork and coordinating services for your sellers and buyers?


drive the hive can free up your time

Most agents already spend long hours on their phones, in their cars, or out & about with their clients. Often the only time available to do the tedious paperwork and coordinating of services is late at night or sporadically in between appointments.

We think like real estate agents, but plan & react like administrators.

The Drive the Hive Advantage

We have watched firsthand the struggles agents experience when their business is growing. They need the support of an administrator but find it difficult to find the time to hire, properly train and lead a full-time administrator.
If that wasn’t enough stress, they now have the added pressure of consistently paying a full-time salary, benefits and CRA payroll taxes.

Work at your pace

We are proficient transaction coordinators, no need to slow down to train us.

Professional & Experienced

We have proven effective systems that are already set up and ready to go.

Trustworthy & Personable

We present ourselves as YOUR transaction coordinator.

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